Zac Efron Goes Indie With First Trailer For At Any Price


Ladies man Zac Efron is looking to expand his filmography with a few lesser-known indie titles after having starred in his fair share of mainstream cinema. He tried breaking out last year in The Paperboy and while I haven’t seen it I can say that it didn’t really pull much weight in the critic’s circles or within the general audiences.

His latest venture is Ramin Bahrani‘s At Any Price. Efron plays a farming boy with dreams of becoming a racer, while his father, played by Dennis Quaid, wants him to stay in the family business.

The film at first reminds me slightly of Promised Land, if only because of the farming setting, but as the trailer progresses the scope of the film and the overall story is expanded on.

I’m not sure what to expect, because the director is fairly unknown to me and Efron hasn’t really landed as a serious actor to keep an eye on just yet. I believe in him though and I’d love to see him continue to do more films like this, opposed to Nicholas Sparks adaptations.

At Any Price opens on April 26th, 2013.

Check out the trailer below:

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