Your Highness Review

I think Your Highness is going to be a very important film in Danny McBride‘s career. This is probably the widest released movie that he has every been considered the star of. This will really make or break him as a selling point for these types of comedies. It is very obvious that he has a certain style of acting and I’m hoping Your Highness will prove that he has an audience that wants to watch him do his thing! I for one LOVE Danny McBride, I think he’s one of the funniest actors out there and I hope to see him headline more films like this, but I hope that those future films are better. Your Highness isn’t a bad movie at all, it’s actually very funny, but it isn’t quite on par with the directors last film, Pineapple Express.

Your Highness is about two princes, Thadeous and Fabious, played by Danny McBride and James Franco. Fabious is a mans man, the noble son of a king who has his head on his shoulders and can slay any beast, whereas Thadeous is a lazy idiot of a prince that only cares about getting with girls and getting stoned. Yes, there is heavy drug use in this movie, but that’s no surprise considering it was written by Danny McBride and directed by David Gordon Green. Anyways, Fabious has just returned from a quest and he has broughten back a young lady to marry, Belladonna, played by Zoey Deschanel. Now Belladonna has been held captive by evil wizard, Leezar. This wizard has specific plans for Belladonna and can’t afford to have her running off with Fabious, so he snatches her up and puts her in his giant tower. This leads to Fabious and Thadeous starting an epic quest to rescue Belladonna and slay the evil Leezar. It is one epic quest that is full of some intense fantasy violence and lots of inappropriate humor.

Your Highness works on lots of levels, mainly the wonderful acting by Danny McBride. The guy is comedic gold and it’s great to see him get a mainstream movie like this. I loved him in The Foot Fist Way and I thought he was the best part in Pineapple Express, so when I heard that he would be headlining an R rated fantasy comedy directed by the guy who did Pineapple Express, I couldn’t hold in my excitement. Where McBride is hilarious, James Franco and Natalie Portman just kind of chime in every once in awhile. Franco is a funny guy in some bits, but nothing as great as his performance in Pineapple Express. Portman is always fun to see on screen and I generally like her presence, but she doesn’t really add anything to the film besides her good looks. Another actor worth mentioning is Rasmus Hardiker who plays Courtney. The way Courtney and Thadeous play off of each other is classic. All of the bits that I laughed the most involved those two in some way.

Your Highness has a very silly tone and I feel that its particular tone will make or break the film for most people. If you weren’t sold on the trailer, stay far away from this film, you will probably think it’s extremely dumb and that’s fine, but if you were entertained by the trailer then I think you will enjoy the experience. It’s a very funny blend of hard fantasy action (seriously, there is a TON of blood) and stoner comedy. The fantasy is full of bright visuals and decent special effects, but what got me was the sheer amount of violence. There were a lot of throat slits and stabs in the gut with tons of blood spilling as a result. The stoner part of the film tends to make for the funniest moments, especially because McBride plays it so well. Move over Seth Rogen, Danny McBride is the king of stoner comedies!

I can’t really pinpoint a certain part of the film that I didn’t enjoy. I liked everything about the movie and it really was funny, but something about it held it down from achieving greatness. I think that repeat viewings are definitely a must as there were a few jokes that I wasn’t prepared for and they flew by without getting the proper amount of laughs. I also think that this type of film will benefit from a Netflix rental with a ton of friends over. There were tons of jokes that I can see myself cracking up at whenever a friend mentions.

Overall, Your Highness is a very funny movie with a solid performance by Danny McBride and several good performances by James Franco and Natalie Portman. It’s a great blend of fantasy violence and stoner comedy that really benefits from its director and writers. They knew exactly what they wanted to make and it turned out very fun. That doesn’t go without saying that Your Highness isn’t as fun as other movies I have listed before like Pineapple Express, The Foot Fist Way and even Danny McBride‘s show Eastbound and Down. (add them ALL to your queue) It’s worth the ticket, but go in with low expectations and you will probably walk out very satisfied.

Your Highness – 8/10

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