Did A ‘Yoda’ Film Just Get More Likely?

Way back in 2014, before we’d even seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Disney revealed that they were in the process of working on three Star Wars spin-offs—but they didn’t confirm what those projects were. We’ve since come to learn that the first of them will be this December’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, as well as that a film about the young Han Solo is on the way. But we’ve been left to wonder about a third spin-off, and for that matter the studio has admitted there could be more than three in the end.

One of the popular rumors has been a side story about Boba Fett. The colorfully costumed bounty hunter has long been popular among Star Wars fanatics, but we actually haven’t seen him in action that much. With the right actor on board and a clever script about his mercenary ventures on behalf of the Empire, the Hutts, or whomever else, it could be a pretty interesting project.

But another concept fans have wondered about is a Yoda origin story, or at least something that delves into the Jedi master’s life before The Phantom Menace. In fact, even when Episode VII was coming out, fans weren’t quite ready to let go of the idea that they could be seeing more of Yoda. When betting tipsters speculated about which characters were likeliest to reappear, Yoda had similar odds to the likes of Luke and Leia, despite the fact that the character, in the chronology of the series, is long deceased. In fairness, we had already seen the character once after his death, in a ghostly glimpse toward the end of The Return Of The Jedi. As it turned out, he didn’t make an appearance in Episode VII, even though Luke and Leia ultimately did.

Currently there’s still no confirmation about which project (or projects) could follow the Han Solo spin-off. But some recent news about the larger Star Wars universe may have made a Yoda origin story a little bit likelier.

If you haven’t heard yet, Marvel is actually doing Star Wars comics these days, now that Disney owns both entertainment empires. That doesn’t mean the Star Wars characters exist in the same fictional universe as the Avengers or X-Men (although who knows, these days), but rather that Marvel’s comic team has the rights to create, effectively, Star Wars literature. And earlier this month, we learned that one of the upcoming issues will delve into Yoda’s past, reportedly through a journal of Obi Wan’s that Luke stumbles upon. The story will reportedly delve into Yoda as a Jedi (as opposed to a master or teacher), and the creative team has indicated that it’s figured out a fun adversary for Yoda to go up against.

Needless to say, it’s an incredibly exciting premise for Star Wars fans, even if we know very little about it. But it will be even more exciting if this comic ends up ultimately laying the foundation for a Yoda-centric spin-off film. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine much of anything (aside from young Han Solo) that would get more fans to turn out to the theaters.

Hopefully we’ll find out in the near future if such a project is on the table!


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