X-Men: First Class Sequel To Start Filming In January

One comic-book sequel that I actually want to see is the X-Men: First Class follow up. The film was originally supposed to start production this fall, but ever since The Hunger Games came out Jennifer Lawrence has been a hot item in Hollywood. THR reports that Lawrence has a contract with Fox and that they’ve got dibs on her for the time being. Must be rough having two successful franchises fighting over who gets you first.

Anyways, Matthew Vaughn will begin filming the sequel in January, with Michael Fassbender returning to reprise his role as the mutant known as Magneto. I’m extremely happy to hear that the film is happening and this quickly. First Class was a critical success, but not the biggest moneymaker at the box office.

It’s great to see the studio going ahead with a sequel and I’m sure just about everyone wants to see what they’ll come up with next.

Are you looking forward to the First Class follow-up?

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