WWE Studios Acquires Found Footage Horror Script

Found footage horror films are hot items right now, which means WWE Studios is going to try their best to release something in the field. The studio has been known for taking its superstars and integrating them into truly awful films. Recently they’ve started to decline in how wide their films reach, with Triple H‘s The Chaperone only getting a very limited release. I for one am glad because I don’t want Ted DiBiase‘s The Marine 2 clogging up a screen at my local cinema.

The latest film they’ve acquired is a found footage film by the name of Bermuda. The concept of the film taking place in/around the famous Bermuda Triangle is something that I always thought would make for a good movie, just not in the hands of WWE Studios. Bobby Lee Darby and Nathan Brookes wrote the spec script for the film, which could see the light of day sometime over the next year.

I think a found footage film taking place in the Bermuda Triangle would make for good cinema if in the right hands, but knowing WWE Studios it’ll be a piece of low-budget trash starring Daniel Bryan or something.

via Deadline

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