Wretched – Son of Perdition Review

Wretched is back to bring metal to its knees with their latest release, Son of Perdition. This will be their follow up to their sophomore release Beyond the Gate. Wretched is building an empire for their specific prog doomish, slightly death approach to metal. Their last record proved it with their duo part instrumentals Aberration and Beyond the Gate; ranging from the forefront of new thrash to progressive and almost cinematic orchestral and slow breaks.

With the addition of Andrew Garvey (Bass) and new vocalist Adam Cody, Wretched brings out their darkest sounding album yet with Son of Perdition. Starting with the church organ opera opener that is Oblivion, letting you in to their dark and sinister world then smashing it into your own head when they slide into Imminent Growth, The pace slows as we get in to At the First Sign of Rust presenting some tricky guitar work and heavy chugging.

As we move on, we get into the featured track Dilated Disappointment which is a white-knuckler of a song. Having you grip on to your life as you are on a rollercoaster ride through the depths of hell From there, we get most of the same thing until the pace changes with the three part instrumental that is The Stellar Sunset of Evolution. These three songs the simple picture painted by the song title’s apocalyptic theme. They range from the sorrowful echoes of a lonely guitar, to a clean ditty with the rest of the band, and then kicking right into the shredding and chugging ending. This is by far one of the best series of instrumentals I have heard from them.

The album concludes with the semi-groovy Karma Accomplished and the slow building/short-lived finale that is Decimation

Son of Perdition is put together fairly well. Wretched sure has their skills and musicianship, but most of it is at a constant with either blast beats or a drone gloomy guitar. Besides the instrumentals, I can’t say I can get into their music as much as I would like. They are talented, I will give them that; guitarists Funderbunk and Vail put together some fantastic metal riffs and Wieczorek can make the drums his bitch, but their songs that are actual, uh, songs aren’t very powerful as the pictures painted in the instrumentals.

I feel the songs with vocals come off as too in your face and it brings away from the dynamics that they have the potential for. Maybe I’m just a little bitch, but I like the slow, progressive stuff sometimes with hints of extreme. Not just constant 200bpm blast beats in your face. It gets old and tiring.

Overall, Wretched surely has the potential to release more of their dynamics. Their instrumentals show it. They are able to focus on the rhythm and melodies, but once vocals come in, they turn into spastic machine guns losing most melody until the guitar solo breaks. That doesn’t take away from their talent at all though. What they do is rock solid

Son of Perdition – 7.25/10

Track Listing:

  1. Oblivion
  2. Imminent Growth
  3. At The First Sign of Rust
  4. Dilated Disappointment
  5. Repeat… The End is Near
  6. Dreams of Chaos
  7. The Stellar Sunset of Evolution Pt. 1 (The Silence)
  8. The Stellar Sunset of Evolution Pt. 2 (The Rise)
  9. The Stellar Sunset of Evolution Pt. 3 (The Son of Perdition)
  10. Karma Accomplished
  11. Decimation

Son of Perdition is available March 27 via Victory Records

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