‘World War Z’ Super Bowl Spot Is Pathetic


To some the Super Bowl is home to a yearly football game. To others it’s where they get their brief moments of entertainment, during the commercials, where many companies air never-before-seen spots for upcoming movies/games or products.

One film that is going to start getting pushed as of this Sunday is Paramount’s disastrous-looking zombie epic World War Z. See, the film is based on a highly popular book and it stars go-to man Brad Pitt, but the production has been very up and down, with director Marc Forster getting pulled at one point. I’m not even sure how much of this film is actually his.

So far the marketing has been horrible. The first trailer showed us nothing but poorly rendered CGI zombies and now this “new” Super Bowl spot shows us more of the same, but in a shorter time period. I’m getting a lot of I Am Legend vibes, which is never a good sign. That movie was decent, but the book was so much better.

I’m willing to bet the same happens for World War Z. I’m just sort of pissed that everything is getting such a PG-13 look to it. A massive-scale zombie film shot for the widest possible audience? How is that going to be entertaining? I do admittedly like the idea of the zombies working as one giant machine of a plague, sweeping through towns as a blob of bodies, but I can’t see that holding true after sitting through two hours of the movie.

I hope I’m wrong, but I’m probably not.

World War Z opens on June 21st, 2013.

Watch the spot below or head over to Apple to see it in HD:

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