‘World War Z 2’ Gets Dated

I was surprised with how much I ended up enjoying Paramount’s PG-13 zombie adventure flick World War Z, starring Brad Pitt.

I never read the book, which is probably a big reason why I didn’t hate it, plus while I disliked the CGI zombies I did enjoy how massive the scale and scope of the film was.

The film had some trouble finally getting to theaters, after various production problems held it back, but it ended up making a decent amount of money, which is why a sequel quickly got confirmed.

Now, we know exactly when World War Z 2 will hit theaters, which is going to be on June 9th of 2017.

That’s still a long ways away, so don’t start expecting to hear much of anything about the film just yet, aside from the fact that Juan Antonio Bayona is taking over directing duties for Marc Forster.

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