‘World of Warcraft’ Movie Gets a New Director


A few years back, it was announced that Legendary Pictures had acquired the rights to Blizzard Entertainment‘s massive computer game World of Warcraft and intended to make a big budget movie with the property.  It was later announced that Sam Raimi would direct the movie, but he eventually bowed out to take the reigns on Oz the Great and Powerful, which hits theaters on March 8th.  ‘

Now, Legendary Pictures has announced they have a new script for the film by Charles Leavitt, the script writer behind Blood Diamond, K-Pax, and The Express.  The even bigger announcement is they have found a new director for the $100 million plus picture, which will be none other than Duncan Jones, the director behind Moon and Source Code.  While it was previously announced that he would be making another sci-fi movie called Mute (we even saw some concept pictures a while back for it), it looks like this will be next on is plate, as Legendary is anxious to get the film started this year for a possible 2015 tentpole release.

While it sucks that Mute may never happen, or will be pushed further back on the burner, it is probably the best possible result for the Warcraft movie (look for that to be the title of the film, by the way), and I’ll tell you why:

Jones is not the type of director who will just do whatever the companies behind it want him to do, he is more likely to bring a specific vision to the film, and probably a more serious tone, even though we’re talking about a fantasy film here.  Blizzard said a while back that the film will be violent and previous version took place before the events of the first game (before all the add-ons and expansion packs).  While that has some die-hard fans worried, I’m sure it is the best course of action, as any adaptation of the beloved games is sure to get the hate brewing when something is left out or handled inaccurately from the way it is in the game.

Let’s not forget Jones is the son of legendary musician David Bowie, something he has spent a lot of time distancing himself from.  Not for any specific reason, from what I can tell, except to establish himself as a specific voice, and to avoid accusations of nepotism.  While Sam Raimi would have surely made an interesting film of the franchise, I feel like he is slowly swirling down the drain in Hollywood, so I’m glad to see a fresh voice getting a chance to show us what he can do with a major release like this.

So, WoW fans, what do you make of this development?  Sound off in the comments below.


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