Wolfman Reboot/1941 Sequel in the Works?

KillerFilm.com is reporting yet another odd turn in the strange world of remakes, reboots, and semi-sequels, Universal Pictures today announced they have hired Louis Morneau (Hitcher 2, Joy Ride 2) to direct a new film they have in production called simply Werewolf.  The film will most likely be part of Universal’s recent direct-to-video line which has recently included Death Race 2.

Despite the lackluster box office success and negative critic’s reviews, Joe Johnston’s The Wolfman won an Oscar for Rick Baker’s work on the make-up.  Some people will see it for what it is, an immediate cash grab, but at the same time, Universal is claiming this film will be a direct sequel to the legendary 1941 Lon Chaney The Wolfman.

Usually when you see these films on shelf (especially the Joy Ride 2’s, where the first film had very limited mythos to begin with) most people can see what they are, low budget cash grabs, but die hard fans and the people that consume everything will always buy it, creating that strange market where half the people who come across it laugh with derision, but the other half say “Now what the hell is that?  I have to see it.”

More often than not, I’m one of the latter people, so I’m sure I’ll end up seeing it, but since I still haven’t seen Johnston’s The Wolfman, I suppose I should get on that first, but I don’t have to worry it seems, Werewolf will begin filming later this year for a 2012 release.  What do you think?  Huge waste of time?  Or worth a rental?  Will their claim of a direct sequel to the 1941 film come to fruition?

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