‘Wolf Creek 3’ In The Pipeline

I really dug Wolf Creek. It has that real gritty feel to it that made me feel slightly uneasy while watching and some of that credit goes to star John Jarratt and his intense portrayal of serial killer Mick Taylor.

He brought that same intensity to Wolf Creek 2; a sequel that definitely has a bit more fun, but still maintains that same craziness in terms of Jarratt’s character.

And now we have confirmation that a third film is definitely in the works, with Jarratt confirming it while doing press for his current film StalkHer, which he directed:

It’s being developed, should shoot it next year. Great plot, secret of course,” said Jarratt, when asked about the second sequel.

I for one cannot wait to hear more about the sequel. How about you?

Source : iHorror


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