Wolf Creek 2 On Its Way

In 2005 director Greg Mclean dropped on us one of the best modern horror films. I’d even go as far as saying one of the best horror films of all time, but lots disagree with me on that statement and I’m fine with that. Sometimes a film just clicks with certain people and Wolf Creek did more then click with me. It clicked clacked clanked and clotted. Yes, I’m aware that my last sentence makes no sense, but I don’t give a shit! I’m bursting with excitement because ScreenDaily is reporting that Mclean has been given the go ahead to start production on Wolf Creek 2!

Thank you Screen Australia for giving such a talented director the chance to make another horror film, even after the first one was received with very mixed reactions. Lots of people claimed it to be a very brutal and simplistic horror film that brought back classic genre conventions, while others called it filth and too brutal (no such thing!) in its depiction of violence.

I was worried this film was never going to get a sequel and while I doubt the sequel will be as good as the original, I still want to see John Jarratt back as Mick Taylor. His performance was just jaw dropping and unreal. He really transformed himself into one sick puppy and I still think Mick Taylor is one of the most memorable horror characters in recent memory. He’s sadistic, violent, crazy and even funny in a few scenes.

Wolf Creek 2 is scheduled to start filming in February. Producer Matt Hearn had this to say about the film,

“We’re keeping story details top secret for now, but it is safe to say: scarier, bigger, badder,”

Let’s hope Greg Mclean and John Jarratt can recreate horror magic in a second outing. Worse comes to worse, we get stuck watching a lackluster film with Mick Taylor ripping some people to shreds, which results in you going home from the theater and watching the first film! Check out a brief synopsis for the film below.

The outback once more becomes a place of mind-bending horror, action and suspense as another unwitting tourist becomes the prey for crazed, serial-killing pig-shooter Mick Taylor.


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