Wizard Of Oz Coming To 3D Blu-Ray

3D re-releases are becoming sort of big right now. Theatrical re-releases aren’t proving to be the sure-fire thing that studios had hoped for, with Finding Nemo barely making as much money as The Lion King‘s 3D re-release, but there’s still an obvious demand for the extra dimension on the older classics.

Warner Bros. is taking a smarter (and probably less expensive approach) to the new 3D playing field with the release of classics titles directly onto Blu-ray. They’ve recently released Alfred Hitchcock‘s Dial M for Murder on Blu-ray 3D and now they’re looking into The Wizard of Oz.

This could work well if they pick and choose what should get the treatment. They’d obviously need to do this wisely, because a real 3D conversion isn’t going to be cheap and no one is going to buy it if it sucks. They’re more than likely going to choose something like Transformers: Dark of the Moon over The Wizard of Oz, unless there’s a dramatic improvement over the previous Oz release.

I’d like to see this get implemented on some classics that could use the added layer of depth to their benefit. Oz is a good starting point, but what’s next?

Any suggestions?

(via Collider)

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