Winter Movie Guide: January 2013 – Week 4

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters



Tommy Wirkola, director of the brilliant zombie movie Dead Snow from a few years back makes his American debut with this one, an action/horror take on the old fairy tale about a sister and brother that must outsmart a witch to survive.  The director has loads of style, and with two hot young leads in Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton, this one could be a lot of fun.  It’s sure to get some terrible reviews from people that just can’t go with the corny nature of such a movie, but that’s to be expected.  This is one I definitely want to see, and since they went with the R-rated version, it’s sure to be plenty violent.

Movie 43

movie 43


I’m still not entirely sold on this one.  It looks like it’s a throw-back to the old school of spoof movies, getting enough major celebrities to appear in it to buy some credibility beyond dreck like Meet the Spartans, but the trailers don’t have me completely sold.  I’m sure it will be at least funnier than a lot of the more recent spoof movies, but I’m not sure it can overcome the shortcomings of the genre as a whole.  We’ll see this weekend.




Richard Stark (the late, great Donald E. Westlake) wrote a lot of very entertaining books (including The Comedy is Finished, which I reviewed here last year) but Parker is arguably his greatest creation.  The character first appeared in Point Blank starring Lee Marvin, and was more recently played by Mel Gibson in Payback (one of my personal favorites) so while I’m glad to see the character return to the big screen, I have to say the movie looks mediocre at best.  However, Jason Statham surprises me every once in a while, and movies that look really mediocre end up being a lot of fun (The Mechanic and The Bank Job come to mind) so here’s hoping it falls into that category.


John Dies At the End



Don Coscarelli’s adaptation of David Wong‘s book is finally hitting the big screen in a few major cities this weekend (check your local listings) after first appearing on premium (aka $10) VOD about a month ago.  The movie is insane, and will probably be best enjoyed with a late night crowd that has a few beers in them.  I saw the movie at home on VOD, and while it wasn’t as great as I had hoped, it still made my top 10 for 2012, so be sure to check out my review if you’re still on the fence about it.

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