Windows Phone Snapchat Client 6snap, Officially Better Than iOS & Android Counterparts


Today is a good day. Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn‘s unofficial third party Snapchat client, 6snap, has officially surpassed its Android and iOS counterparts when it comes to being the most feature-rich Snapchat application on the market.

Sure, it may not be an official Snapchat app, which means it’s missing the ability to screenshot snaps, but the latest 1.2 update to Rudy’s app brings over some really awesome features to the app. You can now use the 6tag (a third party Instagram app) filters on snaps, as well as adding custom blur effects.

This opens up a whole new world of Snapchatting possibilities, giving Windows Phone users to have a severe leg up on the competition. Also, this latest update brings landscape snapping to its users, plus a fast app resume and privacy settings for which friends can view your Snapchat Stories.

All I’ve got to say at this point is Bravo Rudy! I cannot believe how quickly you were able to release this app, not to mention the super fast updates too. 6snap is currently the most-used app on my Nokia Lumia 928 and I see this new update only making that fact all the more valid.

Head over to the Windows Store to download the app for free by clicking here.


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