Windows Phone 8 Is Here With 3 New Features

The Windows Phone 8 arrival has finally happened, with new phones landing on Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile right in time for the Holiday shopping. I’ve always been naturally interested in the phone OS, because Windows is one of the most dominating operating systems for computers and it only makes sense for Microsoft to try their luck on the popular smartphone landscape.

Windows Phone 8 could make a big difference on the cellphone market that is currently populated with Android and Apple devices, but the key lies in the carriers and their ability to market the phone and give it a fair chance against the other mega-operating systems that have had more time to develop and tweak their phones and respective application marketplaces.

AT&T has so far been the best in terms of providing the customer with a wide variety of phones to pick from, but it looks like Verizon is stepping up their support with the offering of two (and a rumored third) phones that would suit any smartphone user. They’ve mentioned time and time again how they plan on bringing the Windows Phone to the masses, much like the way they helped introduce Android to the US market not too long ago.

I’m remaining incredibly optimistic here, but I’d love to see Windows Phone help slice up the charts in terms of sharing the cellphone market and being a true competitor to Apple and Android sometime down the road. This of course can only happen if Microsoft continues to pump out the products with promotional support from the cellphone carriers, which should eventually result in everyday users picking up and hopefully walking home with a new Windows Phone.

Below is an embed that shares three new features (you’ll have to refresh it to view each video) that the Windows Phone 8 boasts. My initial reactions to the features follow:

Fast Messaging

One of the most helpful features on the Windows Phone 8 is the ability to send messages (separate or mass) rather quickly across a platform of services. You can send a Facebook message, a tweet or a text message in a matter of seconds thanks to the easy-to-use Live Tiles feature. It makes for a quick and responsive service that’s all located in one area.

Wide Camera

This is a feature that I’d probably never use, but it’s still nice to note that the front-facing camera has been increased to help take stunning wide shots that can now include you and your entire family without having to crop or edit. Phones on cameras are increasing in quality with each new release, but I’d still suggest an actual camera if you take your picture-taking serious at all.

Kid’s Corner

Sick of your child or younger sibling accidentally calling 911 or buying expensive applications when you’re not looking? Say goodbye to the hassle of worrying about your phone when you hand it over to a child with the new Kid’s Corner feature. This essentially creates a phone within a phone that allows for your child or younger sibling to interact with the OS without ever being able to cause any real damage to your applications, settings or contacts. It’s a nifty little feature that only helps make the phone more accessible to every age bracket.

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