Win A Free Music Lesson From Revocation!

With the current music landscape and the rampant increase in illegal downloading plaguing independent artists, it’s extremely important nowadays to offer something really unique and fun to entice your fans to buy your album.  Revocation clearly understand this and are holding one of the most awesomely unique contests I’ve ever heard of.

All you have to do is pre-order a copy of their upcoming album, Chaos Of Forms, in ANY format/package and you will be entered to win an exclusive music lesson with the member of your choice!  That means you could get schooled on primo guitar noodling by (in my opinion) the best guitarist working today, Dave Davidson.  His guitar work is utterly mesmerizing and he is one of the few guitarists who can turn endless guitar wankery into art.  Check out this video if you don’t believe me.  How could you not want some of that tasty fretwork imparted to you?

This is definitely one of the more off-the-wall promotions I’ve ever seen, but it’s such a once in a lifetime opportunity that I feel like most fans won’t want to pass it up.  Revocation are some wickedly talented dudes and it would be an honor just to pick their brains for a little while.

Don’t play an instrument?  Don’t fret.  You can still enter and, should you win, you will get a private meet and greet at a show, or a one on one phone call from the member of your choice.  There is something for everyone.

Head over to their Facebook Page for all the details.  Chaos Of Forms promises to easily be one of the best records of the year, so make sure you pre-order yours.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, head over here to check out the brand new track “Cradle Robber”.  It will obliterate every bone in your body.

Chaos Of Forms destroys eardrums everywhere August 16, courtesy of Relapse Records.


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