Will Smith May Not Star In ‘Bad Boys 3 & 4’

Just earlier this week I wrote about Sony’s huge batch of release date announcements, which included the highly talked about Bad Boys 3 and apparently 4.

Lots of us got excited and started wondering if Michael Bay would even return to direct or produce, without ever thinking about the fact that stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence might not even return.

I guess that never crossed my mind until now. Apparently a Sony studio exec has gone on record to say that Smith will return in some capacity, but that exact collaboration hasn’t been confirmed.

He may star or he may just produce with a small cameo. Same goes for Lawrence.

My guess is that Smith is going to feel it out and see just how bright his Hollywood star still is, with the release of Focus this past February and the upcoming WB/DC bad guy film Suicide Squad.

Hopefully he comes back and brings Lawrence with him otherwise I don’t exactly see a way for this film series to rightfully continue.

Source : THR


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