Who Will Play Carrie in the Latest Remake?

Above is a bad ass poster from Methane Studios, commissioned by the Alamo Drafthouse for their screening of Brian DePalma‘s seminal 1976 adaptation of the Stephen King novel.  Since, the film has already been remade in 2002 with Angela Bettis as the titular character, which was regarded as a solid remake by fans of the property.  Last week, a few sites were reporting that Haley Bennett and Chole Moretz were at the top of MGM‘s list to play the character in the new remake, skewing her a bit younger, at least in appearance.

Now, Deadline reports that she has officially been offered the role, it’s just a matter of if she will have the free time on her ever-busier schedule.  Moretz has proven time and again that she has talent for miles and has been a major turning point in a few different films, including Kick Ass and Let Me In.  Last week, when I saw the story, I figured Moretz would get the role if she has the time, and it looks like MGM was hoping the same thing.

The new remake will be directed by Kimberly Pierce, director of Boy’s Don’t Cry and Stop-Loss.  Moving out of the arena of drama, she’ll attempt to remake a much-beloved horror film, so the odds aren’t exactly stacked in her favor, although if Moretz signs on, I think she’ll have a much easier time than with anyone else.

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