Look, I’ve always been worried about a DC-branded Joker film, full of grit and satire in the vein of Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy, directed by the guy that gave us The Hangover films.

I’ve enjoyed Todd Phillips‘ comedic output, including The Hangover films, but I’ve never thought of him as a serious director or one that can accomplish what is being sought out in this serious-looking reflection on society through the eyes of Batman’s greatest villain.

But Phillips somehow got the immensely talented Joaquin Phoenix to star and even a co-starring credit from Robert De Niro.

So at the very least, I’m interested.

This latest trailer honestly hits all of the right beats and makes me wonder if we truly do have an Oscar contender on our hands. On the flip side, I am beginning to wonder if I should stop going on Twitter, because of the viral outrage that this movie has caused, mostly from people that haven’t even seen the film or people that refuse to let art speak for itself.

Has Todd Phillips made a scary reflection of our modern society? Maybe? Or perhaps he has made a shallow piece of garbage that some walks of life might misinterpret as an anti-hero?

These are all real possibilities that should be judged on the actual viewing of the film and its success at tackling its themes and story.

I’m looking forward to the film and also worried at such backlash that it has caused. Are we not allowed to make movies anymore with vision and character? Do we need to constantly tone down our messages and representations, because of the audience and their inability to react?

I don’t believe so and for that I support Joker and hope that it’s good. I’m also fully okay with coming back here after seeing it and saying that it’s a flaming piece of garbage.

I hope it isn’t, but let’s just wait and see like how we use to watch movies, alright?

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