What Could Have Been Jurassic Park IV

Jurassic Park IV was once scheduled to start production shortly after the release of Joe Johnston‘s Jurassic Park III. It never did and for good reasons.

For some odd reason the studio wanted to follow an idea that would have transformed the dinosaurs into mutant government assassins, or something very similar. I’m not sure why they thought that idea was the best to run with, but it was an actual legitimate storyline that they wanted to follow.

Things never took off from there and now we have a batch of concept art that shows off some of these failed ideas.

I’ll be honest, I initially thought the story sounded like shit (it still does, kinda), but how crazy would it have been to see a Velociraptor¬†with a rocket launcher attached to its back, or a T-Rex/human hybrid rocking an AK-47? It would have been completely nuts and it would have surely taken the series in a new direction.

As of now Jurassic Park IV is being “developed” aka talked about between Steven Spielberg and Joe Johnston. Chances are they’ll do a sequel/reboot that introduces new characters to the dino-world or something along those lines.

Let’s just take a moment and think about what could have been.

(via Collider)

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