We’ve Updated Our Mobile Site

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If you’ve been viewing The Daily Rotation long enough then you’ve probably already noticed (and brought to my attention) our mobile site or lack thereof. First off, I must say that I’m sorry for the unreliable mobile theme that we’ve had mostly since our launch. It’s been buggy ever since we got it up and running and it never really popped out from a visual standpoint either.

Today, we’ve launched a new mobile site, with the help of Brave New Code‘s fantastic mobile application builder services. We’ve stuck to a mostly simple design that’s clean and to-the-point, which we think best represents the site. You’ll notice our white and red color scheme, with our banner up top, followed by the traditional slider and content.

Things haven’t changed much when compared to our desktop version of the site, but as far as compatibility is concerned, I think we’ve finally nailed it. The new mobile site works great on Windows Phone 8, iPhone 5 and various Android devices. It’s supposed to run smoothly on just about any operating system, but obviously we haven’t had the time to test them all.

The only real bug that I wanted to point out was the support of Springboard Video. It loads funny and it makes the page look weird, so I’ve disabled the viewing of those videos wherever possible. YouTube videos should auto-reformat themselves to fit to your tablet or mobile device.

I know the new mobile theme isn’t that much of a fancy upgrade, but it’s a much-needed makeover to hold you over until the launch of our 2.0 site, which should be hitting sometime this summer if things go according to plan.

I’m really excited to show off the 2.0 design to everyone, but we haven’t reached the point of teasing it just yet. Be patient with me, because I promise you that it’s going to be worth the wait. I’m working with two awesome people that are helping me turn my dream into a reality and it’s hopefully going to impress a few folks.

PLEASE let me know if you run into any glaring bugs while viewing the site on a mobile device or tablet. Send me an email at Jeremy@TheDailyRotation.com or shoot me a tweet @MinimeJer05. You can also post a direct reply to this post or contact the site on Twitter (@TDailyRotation) or on Facebook.

We want to get some feedback on this one. Do you like it/love it/hate it? Any suggestions that you’d like to see implemented into the 2.0 design?

Thanks again for your readership and we look forward to bringing you even more content this summer!

– Jeremy & The Daily Rotation staff.


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