Wes Ball Confirmed To Direct Third ‘Maze Runner’ Film

I’m a big fan of The Maze Runner series right now. The first film was great, providing us with enough mystery, suspense and action to please, while also hinting ever so slightly at the bigger picture.

The second film, titled The Scorch Trials, isn’t as good, but it definitely ups the action and adventure, while also expanding on the scope and setting up for the third and final chapter.

And one of the great things about these films is that they all share the same unique vision and that’s director Wes Ball‘s vision.

Recently he confirmed in an interview that he’ll be back to complete the trilogy by directing the third film titled The Death Cure.

I hope it’s better than The Scorch Trials, but I’m not too worried, because Ball’s ability as a filmmaker has been improving and improving and worse comes to worst the film will still be action-packed and shot with style and adventure.

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