Well Go USA Nabs US Distribution Rights to 5 Sushi Typhoon Titles

Over the past few years, there has been one company that specializes in Japanese comedy and spatter films, the two genres not being mutually exclusive when it comes to Sushi Typhoon, who have been releasing films over in Japan, under their parent company Nikkatsu Corporation, one of the oldest distribution companies in Japan.

Now, Well Go USA has acquired the North American distribution rights for DVD, VOD, Digital, and TV rights to the following titles:  Mutant Girls Squad, Helldriver, Yakuza Weapon, Deadball, and Karate-Robo Zaborgar, which our buddy The Jaded Viewer got a chance to see at the New York Asian Film Festival, and is probably my number one on that list that I want to see.  Karate robot based on a zany 70’s Japanese TV show?  Yes, please. Here’s the trailer:

I’ve personally seen Mutant Girls Squad and it is every bit insane as it sounds.  It’s basically X-Men meets Noboru Iguchi’s The Machine Girl from 2008, which gained international acclaim as an insane throwback to 70’s Hong Kong arterial spray martial arts and grindhouse films.   It was a joint effort between Tak Sakaguchi (Versus), Noboru Iguchi (The Machine Girl), and Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police), with Nishimura handling the F/X, as he has done on so many Japanese splatter films in the past.

Here’s the trailer:

Helldriver was also directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura, and while the trailer doesn’t look as good as some of his other films (check his IMDB for a sample of his insanity), he’s a filmmaker whose films I will continue to watch, no matter what.  You can check out the trailer here:

Yakuza Weapon is another effort from the talented actor/stunt man/director Tak Sakaguchi, who first rose to international fame starring in Ryuhei Kitamura’s (Midnight Meat Train) Verus, changing the landscape of low budget Japanese cinema forever.  Yakuza Weapon is said to be a Rambo-riffing comedy that takes the gore and violence to extreme levels, as most of the Sushi Typhoon films do.  I’m very curious to see this one.  The trailer is below.

The final title is the one I know the least about, Deadball by Yudai Yamaguchi (Meatball Machine), who was Sakaguchi’s co-director on Yakuza Weapon, so I’m excited to see it.  He also did the great Battlefield Baseball from 2003.  Can’t wait to check this one out.

What do you think? Do any of the new Sushi Typhoon titles appeal to you?  Have you already seen some of them?  (Imports for Mutant Girls Squad were carried at various Movie Stop locations earlier this year when the DVD’s were released in March).

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