Weekend Run Down: 6/7/13


The first week of June is probably going to be one of the slowest of the summer. Only two films open in wide release, while Joss Whedon‘s Much Ado About Nothing plops into just five measly theaters, which is sort of amazing when you realize that this is his Avengers follow-up.

The Purge is Universal’s horror film that is looking to make a quick couple of bucks before the summer gets handed over to the big-budget blockbusters. Directed by James DeMonacoThe Purge follows a family (led by Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey) as they fight off a group of killers in a futuristic society where for twelve hours on one night all crime is legal.

I had a chance to see the film earlier this week (my review to land sometime tomorrow) and I can say that the film is violently entertaining, if not downright twisted in how it handles its comedy. The scares aren’t all that impressive though and the film suffers from a sketchy running time that is mostly wasted on nighttime scenery that can barely be made out. Still, the film has its fun moments and those kind of make up for the shitty parts.

The other big film is Shawn Levy‘s buddy-buddy comedy The Internship, starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. The Internship is actually a kind-hearted film, full of positivity and humor. It’s simple and far from original or subtle, but it gets by on its charms and cast. Vaughn and Wilson continue to show strength working together, while Levy’s direction remains light and unafraid to settle for simple, which actually helps the film establish its comfortable tone and easily digestible story.

*My full review for The Internship will go live at midnight.

My pick for the weekend is The Internship. If the trailers sold you then you’ll no doubt have a fun time with the film. Those that haven’t been too pleased with the marketing will want to stay far away from it though, because there’s no hidden agenda at play here.

The Purge might be the go-to for horror buffs, but it might disappoint those looking for something a little more scary or blood-soaked. The Purge dabbles in both, but never settles for one or the other.

What are you seeing this weekend?

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