Weekend Run Down: 5/31/13


This week is looking a lot more interesting than last week. Clearly everyone packed into Fast & Furious 6 last weekend, while almost skipping The Hangover Part III entirely.

That’s good, because while both were disappointing I’d still suggest Fast 6 over Hangover.

This week we’ve got a lot more variety. On the mainstream front is the Will Smith-starring M. Night Shyamalan film After Earth and the Louis Leterrier film Now You See Me.

After Earth is the least Shyamalan-feeling film of his filmography, which simply means that there’s no twist at the end or any false buildup. That being said, it’s also a lame film that features two wobbly acts and a crumbling third act that makes for one mostly forgettable science fiction film. The Smiths do some fine acting work, but most of the material is throwaway quality.

Now You See Me looks good, but has the the potential to be pretty piss poor as well. Leterrier isn’t the most reliable director, but I’m willing to bet that the film moves fast enough to keep the audiences interest. I’ll be seeing it tonight, with a review to follow on Friday.

The indie world has the release of The East and The Kings of Summer this weekend. The East is trash. My review here.

The Kings of Summer on the other hand is a great coming-of-age story that’s full of wit and charm and is exactly the kind of movie that you should be spending your money on this weekend.

My pick for what to see is clearly The Kings of Summer. Now You See Me could end up being good, but I doubt it’ll change my mind on what to drop your money on come Friday night.

What are you going to see?

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