Weekend Run Down: 09/02/11

Looks like September is kicking off with a decent spread of films. What I always like about September is the low level of expectations. It’s a little too early for any Oscar buzz, but September is usually a really fun month at the cinemas. This week looks like a good week for a few reasons and I’d love to share why with you!

First up is Apollo 18. Not much is expected of this film because The Weinstein’s have been juggling its release date around forever. First it was scheduled for last year than it was bumped to this summer, followed by a bump to next January and finally deciding on September. I might have missed a few schedule changes so sue me! I like the idea of the film, a found footage conspiracy theory, but I immediately grew cautious after noticing how every single trailer shows the same stuff. I hope we actually get a better peak at the aliens and not only some stupid side shot of one crawling in one of the astronaut’s helmet. Plus, the film has the always questionable PG13 rating. That isn’t a total killer, given the nature of the film, but it always dampens the mood. This is the perfect film to blindly go into with little to no expectations. I’ll be checking it out later tonight with a review to follow!

Time for another PG13 horror film, but this time without any redeeming qualities. Our good friend Wilson was able to review Shark Night 3D (in 2D) and his thoughts are probably what most of us were thinking, the film is garbage and a poor man’s Piranha 3D. These types of quick bucks are never a good sign when they take a full year to come out and land with a PG13 rating. The whole reason Piranha worked so well was because they understood what we wanted and managed to establish a light and fun tone. Sex, blood and violence, all in eye popping 3D! Shark Night can’t promise two of those with its rating, so what does that leave us with?

After getting put on the shelf for a while, Focus Features is releasing The Debt, which is surprisingly getting some really strong reviews. I remember seeing a trailer for this last year and it didn’t really make any sort of impact. Then the film disappeared off of most people’s radars only to resurface with a bang. Everyone is praising Jessica Chastain for delivering a fine performance and Sam Worthington for not stinking up the place. I’m very interested in this one and I think I’ll give it a go this weekend, with a review to follow!

Closing out the Run Down is a film going into limited release, A Good Old Fashioned Orgy. It’s only cracking 143 screens, so don’t get the lube out just yet. Only reason I’m mentioning it, other than the fact that it looks funny is because a theater near me is playing it and a review will be up this weekend, so keep an eye out for one! It looks like a fun time, but comedies have been hit or miss this summer and I’m worried that this trend could continue into the winter!

If you want my opinion on what to see then I’d blindly suggest The Debt, based on positive buzz or perhaps a film that opened last week like Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark! I’m sure either choice would make for a pleasant theatrical experience this weekend!

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