Weekend Run Down: 08/19/11

Another week, another crop of movies to check out, or possibly skip! This weekend kind of seems like the dumping grounds for August, a place for studios to put whatever they have left out. You have the remake of Fright Night poking its head in 3D, the remake of Conan slashing through in 3D, Spy Kids 4 coming at you in 4D and some little romantic drama with Anne Hathaway called One Day, surprisingly getting a decent sized release. I can already promise you that one of those movies is going to suck hard, with two being really big hit or misses.

The first one, the one that I was originally kind of interested in seeing is Fright Night. I never saw the original, so when the trailer surfaced online with Colin Farrell in vampire mode, I kind of wanted to see it, but after reading not so good things from several reviewers and friends, I figured it would be best to chalk this one up as a cautious view. I doubt fans of the original are going to be walking away pleased and new comers like me will probably either think it’s mildly entertaining or a stinker. I’m guessing the latter.

Conan the Barbarian has been scheduled and rescheduled a dozen times in the last few years. I think I saw the original teaser poster for it like 3 years back, which is never a great sign. I originally shunned this movie off, because I didn’t care for the originals and I honestly thought this revamp was going to be marketed towards the PG13 teenage crowd. But then I saw the awesomely gory red band trailer and it all sort of fell into perspective for me. I’m not doubting that the movie is probably going to suck, but in a cheesy B movie kind of way. I’m fully willing to accept a shitty story in exchange for the mighty Conan slaying dozens with blood to follow! I’m easily entertained so I can almost say this one might do the trick, but I’ve been wrong before.

Robert Rodriguez continues the Spy Kids series with Spy Kids: All the Time in the World, which is being released in 4D, for those of you keeping track at home that, is an extra dimension! You’ll get 3D plus some sort of scratch and sniff thing to give you that fourth dimension you’ve been desperately craving! I admit that I though the first Spy Kids was cute, but the second was bad and I didn’t bother with the third. The only thing the fourth one has going for it is Jeremy Piven, but even that isn’t much.

Anne Hathaway will be featured in One Day, which is a romance coming out by Focus Features. It’s not getting a super wide release, but it will be debuting on over a thousand screens, which seems kind of odd. The movie looks like it would appeal more to the art house crowd, so I didn’t expect to see midnight showings for it, but there is, so go out and support that if you want. I thought the trailer tagged it as a solid rental, so I’ll be treating it as one!

If I had to give you a confident answer on what to see this weekend it would probably be something already out. Check out 30 Minutes or Less if you’re into comedy, Rise of the Planet of the Apes if you’re into action or sci-fi and Final Destination 5 for all your horror hounds. If you’re like me and you’ve already seen all of those listed, than I would cautiously approach Conan the Barbarian with very low expectations. One Day is probably the best of the new releases, but I’d probably enjoy Conan more, if it turns out to have enough violence to keep me happy. Pass on Spy Kids for sure and Fright Night is really a take it or leave it film, I’m assuming it will be best to leave it.

Check back tomorrow for a review of Fright Night and sometime this weekend for a review of Conan the Barbarian.


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