Weekend Run Down: 08/12/11

Summer is slowly coming to an end, but leave it to good old Hollywood to cram in a few more films before it’s officially over. Like last weekend, this upcoming weekend of releases is actually looking good compared to the usual August shit we get. Director of Zombieland, Ruben Fleischer has his latest flick coming out, 30 Minutes or Less and Warner Bros. is throwing another Final Destination film at is, again in 3D. Following those films are The Help and Glee The 3D Concert Movie.

I had the chance to see 30 Minutes or Less (read Anthony’s review here) awhile back and I loved the hell out of it. It’s very funny, thanks to Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride, Nick Swardson and even Jesse Eisenberg. The whole core cast has some really good chemistry which makes for some very funny moments. I was laughing for most of the running time and I still want to check it out again.

Wilson had a chance to check out Final Destination 5 last night, his review here, and he said it was great for fans of the series. Lots of word is going around saying that FD5 is the best FD film since the second, which has been unofficially considered the best of the series, so I remain hopeful. I love me some FD films, especially in the gimmicky 3D, but I am so damn amazed that these films are still coming at us strong. There must be a lot of sick people out there in the world!

That leads us to The Help, starring Emma Stone. I’ll be honest; this doesn’t look like my type of film at all. That being said, it has the chances of being good. The problem I have with films like these is why the hell release it in August? I get the idea of it being the other option for moviegoers who don’t want to see 30 Minutes or Less or Final Destination 5, but seriously this is the type of film that belongs in September or November. I’d see it if that were the case, but August is kind of stuffy and most people don’t have time for a drama.

Now it’s time for the elephant in the room, Glee The 3D Concert Movie. Moving on now.

If I had to pick one film that everyone should catch this weekend then it would have to be 30 Minutes or Less. It’s hilarious and structured very well. It’s an overall good film and a great experience for the theaters. Final Destination 5 looks good, but it’s to the point of where you know if you’re going to like it before you even see it, so if you are a fan of the series then by all means check it out. The Help looks good, but just doesn’t scream see me, especially on the big screen for $10. Glee looks like shit dipped in shit rinsed it out with shit. I won’t be wasting any more of your precious time.

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