Weekend Run Down: 08/05/11

It’s that time of week again! Another weekend to go out and catch a few fun flicks at the local cinema. I’m not going to lie, for the first weekend in August; this isn’t such a shabby time to see movies. There are two films going wide this week, one being Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the other being The Change-Up.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes looks bad ass and early reviews and comments are very positive. Most people are praising it for the excellent visual effects as well as Andy Serkis delivering an epic performance as the main ape Caesar. It’s been the film that I’ve most wanted to see this summer and I’m glad it’s getting good buzz. I plan on seeing it in a few hours with a review scheduled for some time tomorrow or Saturday, so check back for that!

The other wide release is the latest body-switching film, The Change-Up. This time taking the body-switching angle to a whole new level with tons of raunchy R-rated profanity that we all love and adore. I had a chance to see this earlier in the week and I honestly enjoyed the hell out of it. Nothing amazing or special, but very funny if you’re into that sort of humor. Check out my review here.

That leaves us with one film opening up on two screens, Bellflower, which is apparently some crazy film that is best when not spoiled, so I won’t even go into any plot details. I hope it goes a little wider so I can check it out!

I’d say this weekend is an easy pick for what to see. Rise of the Planet of the Apes gets my vote, even though I haven’t even seen it. Judging strictly by the stuff I have seen from the film and all the praise, I’d have to pick it over The Change-Up. While The Change-Up is funny, I still feel that Apes is going to knock it out of the park both as being a better film and a box office hit. The real question is how big of a hit will Apes be?

Check back later for box office numbers and reviews!

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