Weekend Box Office: Sept. 30 – Oct. 2, 2011

1. Dolphin Tale – $13,912,419

2. Moneyball – $12,031,592

3. The Lion King (in 3D) – $10,615,645

4. Courageous – $9,063,147

5. 50/50 – $8,644,095

6. Dream House – $8,129,355

7. Abduction – $5,608,053

8. What’s Your Number? – $5,421,669

9. Killer Elite – $4,916,839

10. Contagion – $4,907,154

Those damn kids! Dolphin Tale managed to jump up a few spots to claim the number 1 spot for the weekend, taking in a total of $13.9 million. It’s holding very well for the time being and has already grossed $37.1 million dollars since opening, which tops its $37 million dollar budget!

Coming in at number 2 was Moneyball, which dipped 38% to bring its weekend haul to $12 million, with a $38 million dollar total on a $50 million dollar budget. Not bad at all for the Brad Pitt/Jonah Hill baseball comedy, but it’s not doing as well as last year’s drama, The Social Network.

That damn lion is still hanging around, dropping to number 3 with $10 million dollars. The Lion King has already grossed $79 million dollars since being re-released, which brings its overall total to 407.7 million. It has topped Spider-Man in the top ten of all time, which is very impressive indeed!

Of the new crop of films it looks like the Christian faith based film Courageous fared the best, taking in $9 million on a little over a thousand screens. The film was made very cheap, 2 million reportedly, so it’s another success. Wilson gave the film a new asshole; check out his pleasant review here.

50/50 did decent numbers, debuting at the number 5 spot with a small $8.6 million. This marks the lowest debut ever for Seth Rogen starred film, but the film deals with some more depressing elements, so one wouldn’t expect it to open as high as his usual comedies. Word of mouth is pretty good for the film though, it’s receiving high marks virtually everywhere. Anthony reviewed the film back in August and loved it, check out his review here. It also doesn’t hurt to mention its super cheap $8 million dollar budget. If that is 100% fact then everything from this point on is extra.

Dream House bombed at the number 6 spot with $8.1 million. The film had a troubled production, with the director and its main stars threatening to not even promote the film. I had a chance to check out the film this past weekend and it was a disappointment. It was slow, boring and very generic. Read my review here.

Finally, coming in all the way at number 8 is the Anna Faris and Chris Evans romantic comedy What’s Your Number?. The film barely opened with a poor $5.4 million dollars. That makes it the fifth worst debut ever for a movie opening on over 3,000 screens. I don’t really see that as much of a surprise. The marketing was dull and the film was even worse. Check out my not so glowing review here.

Rounding out the rest of the top ten are Abduction at number 7, Killer Elite at 9 and Contagion hanging in at number 10.

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