Weekend Box Office Report: June 22nd-24th, 2012

Disney’s Pixar has the proverbial printing press when it comes to making money on animated films, and this weekend, they have proven their non-sequels can make money, with Brave grossing $66.73 million dollars for the weekend, out-grossing Madagascar 3 with the opening weekend take by $6.3 million.  Word-of-mouth, however, may spoil their longevity through the summer as the film to load your children up for, while people are continually entertained by the antics of the animals of Madagascar.  No wonder Pixar is so dedicated to their sequels, but I know Cars 2 proved that not every film is the sure-fire hit they think it will be.  We’ll see how far Brave goes in this long, long summer.

Speaking of Madagascar 3, it dropped in at number 2 with $20 million, ratcheting its total up to $157 million already.  This one will float till August.  The ‘so ridiculous we may as well see it’ Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter pulled in a measly $16.9 million.  With video and VOD sales, they might limp back to their $70 million budget.  Prometheus is doing as expected, at number four, with $10 million, bringing its total to $108 million domestically, getting close to the $130 million budget.

Number five is Rock of Ages where it seems no one wants to see Tom Cruise singing, making $8 million on the weekend, limping its total closer to $30 million.  That one will be lucky to make back the $75 million it cost.  Snow White and the Huntsman is defying the odds, at number six with $8 million, bringing its total to $137 million, so it won’t be the big loser some critics expected.

That’s My Boy didn’t drop as hard as expected, but pulling in $7.9 million on the weekend, it’s still the smallest Adam Sandler opening in a long time at number 7 in its second week.  Since the film was a bit pricey for a comedy ($70 million) it looks like they’ll be calling this a summer flop before too long.  The Avengers is still lingering, 8 weeks in release and it pulled in just over $7 million on the weekend, putting it just below $600 million.  With foreign, it has made nearly $1.5 billion, so nobody is afraid of what will happen now.  Sequel is in the works, character movies littered throughout.  At number 9 is Men in Black 3, which oddly cost more than The Avengers, but seems lucky if it makes that production budget back.  The film pulled in $5.6 million on the weekend, don’t expect another expensive sequel in this franchise.

Dropping in at number 10 is Seeking a Friend for the End of the Worldwhich only opened on 1,600 screens, doing well enough per-screen it will most likely expand slightly next week.  The film was made for the relatively cheap sum of $10 million, so the $3.8 million take for the weekend puts them almost halfway there.

In the meantime, get ready for next week, which has Magic Mike, People Like Us, Ted, and Madea’s Witness Protection on the slate, we’ll see how they fare against the competition.

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