Weekend Box Office: October 14-16, 2011

1. Real Steel – $16,291,655

2. Footloose (2011) – $15,556,113

3. The Thing (2011) – $8,493,665

4. The Ides of March – $7,108,846

5. Dolphin Tale – $6,233,184

6. Moneyball – $5,456,730

7. 50/50 – $4,260,087

8. Courageous – $3,305,238

9. The Big Year – $3,251,884

10. The Lion King (in 3D) – $2,792,403

Who would have thought that a generic robot boxing movie starring Hugh Jackman would hold onto the top spot for another week? Real Steel knocked out the competition, bringing in $16.3 million bucks, which isn’t as strong as some of last Octobers hold overs, but it’s still kind of impressive considering how lame the movie actually was. Read my rant/review here.

The Footloose remake came dancing in second place with $15.5 million dollars, which is lower than Stomp the Yard and Step Up. The movie was made for $24 million so I don’t see it having any troubles making that back, but I thought it would open much higher considering the positive word of mouth.

The Thing (2011) barely opened with a disappointing $8.5 million. It’s one of the lowest openings for a horror remake from the last decade, even though it did about the same business as John Carpenter‘s classic. I actually enjoyed the flick, read my review here.

The Ides of March is holding on in the number four spot, easing 32 percent. It’s doing better than Michael Clayton, but it’s not making boatloads of cash.

Dolphin Tale, Moneyball, 50/50 and Courageous are all hanging around and squeezing out some moderate cash. 50/50 is doing the best as far as holding goes, plus its super cheap budget isn’t hurting it.

Let’s not forget about The Big Year. You know, that film starring Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black. It opened in number nine with $3.2 million. Fox is doing horrible right now and The Big Year isn’t helping one bit.

And then there’s The Lion King (in 3D) still holding onto number 10 and shit. Go away!

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