Weekend Box Office: Oct. 7-9, 2011

1. Real Steel – $27,319,677

2. The Ides of March – $10,470,143

3. Dolphin Tale – $9,131,091

4. Moneyball – $7,453,989

5. 50/50 – $5,652,149

6. Courageous – $4,867,876

7. The Lion King (in 3D) – $4,598,606

8. Dream House – $4,475,525

9. What’s Your Number? – $3,126,782

10. Contagion – $2,942,322

Not a real eventful weekend if you ask me. Real Steel took the lead, opening with $27.3 million dollars, making it the highest boxing debut ever. Impressive for a film that sucks shit through a straw. I’m not sure if it was Hugh Jackman that sold the film or the robotic appeal that seemed to copy Transformers. Maybe it was a combination of both?

George Clooney‘s political thriller The Ides of March came cruising in at number 2 with $10.4 million. It did better than Michael Clayton, but not Clooney’s last directorial effort Leatherheads. These types of films tend to stick around for a while, so while no budget is given I’m sure it was low and I’m sure audiences will simmer on this one for a few weeks. No worries here.

Dolphin Tale sunk back down to number 3, bringing in $9.1 million, which brings its gross up to $49 million dollars on a $37 million dollar budget, despite The Lion King getting re-released.

Moneyball is holding strong at number 4 with $7.4 million, which brings its total to $49.2 million on a $50 million dollar budget. The film is doing well for a baseball drama thanks to Brad Pitt. It’ll stick around for the rest of October for sure, if not a little bit into November.

50/50 had the best holding of last week’s releases, only dropping 34 percent remaining in the number 5 spot with $5.6 million. Even though the numbers are low, I’m glad 50/50 is hanging in there and doing respectable numbers when compared to its cheap $8 million dollar budget. It really is one of the better films out right now and it needs to be seen. Check out Anthony’s review here.

Dream House and What’s Your Number? fell pretty steep while Courageous held on a little better. The Lion King and Contagion are still doing good numbers for such a stuffy weekend.

Let’s not forget about The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence), which opened at 18 locations and made about $54,000. That’s not bad since it only played on Friday and Saturday late night showings. I’m sure it will open wider and do better the closer we get to Halloween.

Who’s ready for The Thing on Friday? I’m not.

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