Weekend Box Office: Oct. 28-30, 2011

1. Puss in Boots – $34 Million

2. Paranormal Activity 3 – $18.5 Million

3. In Time – $12 Million

4. Footloose (2011) – $5.4 Million

5. The Rum Diary – $5 Million

6. Real Steel – $4.7 Million

7. The Three Musketeers (2011) – $3.5 Million

8. The Ides of March – $2.7 Million

9. Moneyball – $2.4 Million

10. Courageous – $1.8 Million

What a sad weekend for movies. Not only did a horror movie not lead the weekend going into Halloween, but an animated one did! Puss in Boots debuted at number one with $34 million bucks. It passed Paranormal Activity 3, which just came out last week.

I thought for sure with Saw dead and gone Paranormal Activity would take at least two weekends on top, especially Halloween, but I guess that’s not the case. Paranormal Activity 3 took a dip to number two, bringing in $18.5 million. That is still very impressive if you compare the gross to budget, but man people must not give a shit about horror these days.

In Time didn’t fair to well, coming in at number three with $12 million. The Justin Timberlake sci-fi action film was honestly a big disappointment and I’m not too surprised to see it flop. Andrew Niccol isn’t the most popular director, with Gattaca barely making any cash back in its day. The marketing for In Time wasn’t that interesting and up until last week I forgot it was even coming out.

Footloose (2011) is still dancing its way around other several new releases, bringing in $5.4 million. It’s been holding a lot better than one might expect, but I guess a good dance flick is hard to come by.

The other new release for the week didn’t do too well either. The Rum Diary opened at number five with $5 million. That’s got to be an all-time low for Johnny Depp in recent years. The film wasn’t all that great, but I’d take it over a Pirates film any day of the week. I’m sure the low opening will just be a reminder for Johnny to star in more Disney projects and less interesting projects.

Finally, Real Steel falls to number six with $4.7 million. I’ve been waiting for that shit storm of a film to fall and it took a few more weeks then I would have liked! The film was complete trash and I don’t forgive anyone who has supported it for this long.

I bet Paul W.S. Anderson will be getting some budget cuts on his next film that isn’t a Resident Evil sequel. The Three Musketeers (2011) has already fallen to number seven. The weekend gross of $3.5 million brings its total domestic gross to $14.8 million. That is extremely bad, especially for Paul W.S. Anderson.

George Clooney‘s excellent political thriller The Ides of March is holding on to the number eight spot with $2.7 million, bringing its total up to $33.4 million. Not too bad for an adult oriented non-action film.

The bigger surprise is Moneyball, which is in ninth place and still making strong money. It brought in $2.4 million this past weekend, which brings its gross up to an impressive $67.4 million.

In last place is Courageous, the bible banging Christian film that just won’t die. It made $1.8 million this past weekend with a total of $27.6 million. The film was made cheaper than the price of fuel, which makes it a smashing success. Damn it, I guess we’ll have to sit through another one of these in a year or two.

This upcoming week marks the return of Harold & Kumar to the big screen in a 3D Christmas epic, plus Eddie Murphy will be flexing his star power with Ben Stiller in Tower Heist. I had a chance to see the latter, check out my review here.

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