Weekend Box Office: June 24-26, 2011

  1. Cars 2 – $66,135,507
  2. Bad Teacher – $31,603,106
  3. Green Lantern – $18,028,056
  4. Super 8 – $12,028,092
  5. Mr. Popper’s Penguins – $10,145,662
  6. X-Men: First Class – $6,680,480
  7. The Hangover Part II – $5,574,179
  8. Bridesmaids – $5,260,290
  9. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – $4,928,925
  10. Kung Fu Panda 2 – $4,173,144

Well put this one in the record books folks. Cars 2 is Pixar’s 12th movie in a row to open at the top spot. It opened with a whopping $66 million. Cars 2 posted some nice Friday numbers, launching it into first with $25.7 million. Despite having the worst rank for a Pixar film on Rotten Tomatoes, it still produced nicely. This is the fifth highest grossing opening weekend for a Pixar movie. It’s obviously behind the likes of Toy Story 3, which grossed $110.3 million it’s opening weekend. It even out grossed the original Cars, which was released in 2006 with $60.1 million. It was released on approximately 7,700 screens at 4,115 locations. With only 2,508 locations showing the 3D version of the movie.

Of course we all knew that regardless of the bad reviews for Cars 2 it was going to take the top spot, what nobody really knew was how Bad Teacher was going to be received by the audience. With a distant $31 million, Bad Teacher took the second place spot this week. This is actually some really good news. I personally haven’t seen this film, but you can check out our review here. With the dark humor that is spread out throughout the entire film, one wasn’t sure if having a comedy like that would mix well with a women leading it. Obviously, it paid off. It hit roughly 3,049 different locations with around 3,700 screens. Considering how many screens that it was on, it did an excellent job bagging in the money. The opening weekend numbers for Bad Teacher was so good that it was up in the range of Step Brothers and Knocked Up. Sony Pictures released the audience numbers, which showed that the 63 percent of the audience was female as the rest was male.

Thankfully, with the likes of Cars 2 and Bad Teacher we are slowly getting rid of the crap movie that is called Green Lantern. It had a steep decline of 66 percent. Perfect. That decline was worse than other comic book films that are current in theaters, ie: Thor and X-Men: First Class. According to Box Office Mojo the closest film that is comparable to Green Lantern that had such a huge decline was Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

We also have Super 8 slipping into the number 4 spot with $12 million. Granted that number is down nearly 44 percent, it still brings its total for 17 days to a whopping $95.1 million. That amounts puts it past the final numbers for Battle: Los Angeles and Cloverfield.

Some good news? Bridesmaids is still hanging strong. It had a decline of 26 percent bringing it’s total for the weekend to $5.3 million but still. That means that it is sitting at $146.5 million in 45 days. Another piece of good news is how awesome Woody Allen‘s Midnight in Paris is doing. It had the smallest decline among the movies out right now. Granted it did drop out of the top 10, it still brought in $4.1 million.

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