Weekend Box Office: July 8-10

  1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon – $47,103,276
  2. Horrible Bosses – $28,302,165
  3. Zookeeper – $20,065,617
  4. Cars 2 – $15,212,015
  5. Bad Teacher – $8,914,412
  6. Larry Crowne – $5,936,405
  7. Super 8 – $4,838,205
  8. Monte Carlo – $3,800,604
  9. Mr. Popper’s Penguins – $3,154,435
  10. Green Lantern – $3,147,435

Well Transformers: Dark of the Moon once again has the top grossing spot for the weekend. That actually isn’t that surprising. I knew that Horrible Bosses was going to do pretty well, but I honestly figured that it wouldn’t take the top spot away from Transformers. Even with the likes of the third installment of the Transformer series doing better in its second week than that previous Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen did in its second weekend, the box office was down 19 percent than this time last year when Despicable Me  posted some big numbers with $56.4 million dollars.

Like I said, Transformers: Dark of the Moon did better in the second week of its release than the second Transformers did. It still did end up dropping 52 percent to $47.1 million dollars. All this really means is that the third installment is keeping the audiences attention longer than we thought it would, based solely off the results of previous movies. With this weekends hall, Dark of the Moon surpasses The Hangover 2 as the top grossing movie in 2011. It currently sits with $261.1 million dollars in the first 12 days in the box office. Of course that number doesn’t include the international market, where Dark of the Moon is currently sitting with $384 million dollars.

Reeling into the second spot this week is Horrible Bosses, bringing in a total of $28.3 million dollars. That opening is the second best this summer from R-rated comedies. It opened better than Bridesmaids but not as good as Bad Teacher did. Horrible Bosses had a lot going for it this weekend. They did a very good job marketing that film. They were able to set it apart from other R-rated comedies with the trailers but completely setting the tone of dark/black comedy. Another interesting thing to mark is that the film took three lesser known leads (Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day) and put them up against three well known stars (Keven Spacey, Colin Farrell, Jennifer Aniston). Personally, I was really looking forward to this movie however it definitely didn’t live up to what I was expecting.

Sliding into a distant third place is Kevin James‘ latest movie, Zookeeper. It brought in $20.1 million. Unfortunately this isn’t quite what he was probably looking for since this debut is less than his popular Paul Blart: Mall Cop. On the contrary it is higher than the last movie staring James, The Dilemma. I think the main reason that Zookeeper did so poorly is because it just seems like a whole bunch of different movies plumped into one. If you think about it, this movie is really Night at the Museum, Doctor Dolittle, and Hitch all mashed into one movie. Another issue that could have possibly hindered Zookeeper‘s performance at the box office was the fact that it was shelved for over a year as MGM ran into financial problems.

Cars 2 is now the least-attended Pixar film to date. With this last weekend it dipped 42 percent to $15.2 million. This is a bigger decline than the original had. To top it off, before the weekend even started Cars 2 fell behind Cars in total gross. It’s made a grand total of $148.8 million to date.

With the likes of Horrible Bosses coming out this week, one was not too sure how Bad Teacher was going to do. The best thing about it, it didn’t really affect it much. Bad Teacher only dipped 39 percent to $8.9 million dollars. With that amount, it brings its total gross up to $78.7 million dollars on a $20 million dollar budget.

That rounds out the top 5. Green Lantern is dropping off the grid finally. It’s currently sitting at the 10th spot with $3.1 million. It’s gone next week, thank goodness. Bridesmaid dropped from the 9th spot all the way down to the 12th spot, hopefully that can shoot back up to at least the 10th spot. It’s doing so well! I’d much rather have that in the top 10 than ones such as; Monte Carlo, Mr. Popper’s Penguins and of course Green Lantern.

Well were you shocked that Transformers: Dark of the Moon held the top spot for the second weekend in a row? What’s going to be the one that knocks it out of the top spot?

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