Weekend Box Office: July 1-4, 2011

  1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon – $115,886,050
  2. Cars 2 – $31,629,695
  3. Bad Teacher – $17,261,534
  4. Larry Crowne – $16,098,795
  5. Super 8 – $9,527,129
  6. Monte Carlo – $8,588,318
  7. Green Lantern – $7,928,176
  8. Mr. Popper’s Penguins – $6,702,940
  9. Midnight In Paris – $4,382,382
  10. Bridesmaids – $4,354,515

This report is the four day weekend, including July 4th. If you didn’t see this coming, you might be an idiot. Transformers: Dark of the Moon actually set an Independence Day gross record. Dark of the Moon just completely pushed aside everything at the box office this weekend to a whopping $115.8 million dollars. It was showing on approximately 9,300 screens at 4,013 locations. If you read the Friday’s numbers on Dark of the Moon this huge number shouldn’t be that big of a shock either. Just on Friday alone it brought in $32.9 million dollars. Granted this opening might not have been as good as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ($36.7 million), it still ranks up there. It completely sucker punched Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides for the top grossing weekend crown for 2011. Pirates only opened with $90 million dollars. Dark of the Moon also had a splendid 6 day start in the box office, it amassed a total of $175.6 million (181.1 if you include the Tuesday night previews). Of course that number is only counting domestic box office. If we were to throw in international numbers, Dark of the Moon is already sitting at $418 million dollars. The production budget was $195 million dollars. Hot damn.

In a very distant second place is Cars 2 with $31.6 million dollars. This Pixar film dropped like a rocket with a 60 percent decrease from last week.  There have only been a couple of Pixar movies that are even close to that steep of a drop. WALL-E had a drop of 48 percent and the original Cars only had a drop of 44 percent. Ouch, Cars 2 can now have the title of steepest second-weekend drop for Pixar. Of course, this isn’t such a terrible thing. In 11 days it has a grand total of $123 million compared to Cars‘ $121 million in 11 days.

Bad Teacher is still holding in strong at the number three spot. With a drop of 54 percent it still was capable of bringing in $17 million and beating the new Larry Crowne. Bad Teacher has brought in a total of $63 million in 11 days.

Larry Crowne stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts and yet it still failed to do well at the box office. It brought in $16 million this weekend at 2,973 locations. Of course this is well below expected numbers because of who they have starring in it. I blame the plot premise and the marketing. I didn’t really see anything on advertisement for this film. Another thing, it seemed like they were hoping the names would carry the movie. First off, you have Julia Roberts, I don’t really like her as an actor in the first place.

Ah, the moment has come to absolutely laugh at some numbers. Green Lantern took another huge hit. Dropping 63 percent, it only brought in $6.5 million dollars. That puts it behind Super 8 even though that movie has been out longer. In 18 days, Green Lantern has made a total of $103 million, which is sadly half of the production budget ($200 million). If you compare the 18 day total to what Dark of the Moon made in 3 days, it barely wins.

Bridesmaids pushed across the $150 million mark on its 50th day. Which is awesome! Another movie that is doing awesome, even jumped back into the top 10 this week, is Midnight in Paris. It had the smallest decline this week (I believe it had the smallest last week also) with 31 percent. It still brought in $3.7 million.

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