Weekend Box Office: Jan. 27-29, 2012

1. The Grey – $20,000,000

2. Underworld: Awakening – $12,500,000

3. One for the Money – $11,750,000

4. Red Tails – $10,400,000

5. Man on a Ledge – $8,300,000

6. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close – $7,145,000

7. The Descendants – $6,550,000

8. Contraband – $6,500,000

9. Beauty and the Beast 3D – $5,345,000

10. Haywire – $4,000,000

It was a busy weekend for moviegoers and I’m proud to say that the Liam Neeson survival film, The Grey, came out on top. The film took in an estimated $20 million this past weekend, which is off from his previous January openers, Unknown and Taken, but just slightly. I’m impressed that the film opened that well considering the R-rating at the smaller studio releasing the picture, Open Road Films.

I believe Taken opened up around the $25 million mark and Unknown with $21 or $22 million, so a $20 million dollar opening is not bad business. It continues to prove that people like seeing Liam Neeson being a bad ass and people love seeing him take on whatever mother nature has to offer.

While The Grey was marketed as a Neeson vs. wolves’ film, it really wasn’t all that much of an action film. Instead, it was a human survival film that deals a lot with death and the understanding (and sometimes depressing acceptance) that comes with it. I really enjoyed the film. My review can be read right here.

Underworld: Awakening dropped down to number 2 with $12.5 million. That’s the best hold for an Underworld film yet. I’m sure strong word of mouth came into play when it came to checking out the film or not this past weekend. I’ve never cared for the series, yet I really enjoyed Awakening. See why right here.

Katherine Heigl‘s star power is slowly dying with each new movie she brings out. One for the Money came in lower than expected, with $11.7 million. Most were predicting a $14 million dollar opening, which would bring in similar business to last year’s novel adapted to film The Lincoln Lawyer, but when Heigl goes without a bankable co-star shit just hits the fan. Poor Wilson sat in the trenches for us. His review/survival tale can be read right here.

Red Tails eased to number 4 this past weekend, with $10.4 million. The George Lucas produced WWII film isn’t doing amazing business, but it’ll hold on for a few more weeks before dropping. It’s a rather disappointing film that never gets over the fact that it stars some amateur actors and has a shoddy looking script. My review is right here.

Closing out the top 5 is the Sam Worthington ledge hugger film Man on a Ledge. The films two motives managed to confuse audiences as they decided to mostly skip the film, which made it tag in with $8.3 million. That’s low for a Worthington film and a big release in general. I wasn’t a fan of the film, but our very own Courtney had some nicer things to say about it.

Read my review here and hers right here.

The rest of the films for the weekend took their normal declines. Haywire dropped all the way to number ten, which means it will be out of most theaters by the end of this week. That really sucks because the film is a blast.

George Clooney‘s The Descendants seems to be the only Oscar contender that is coming back and making a splash again, which is awesome because it’s really one of like three that even deserve the gold.

The closer we inch to the Oscars the more some older pictures are going to start coming back, but how will they stack up against the re-release of several big films like Star Wars and Titanic over the next few months?

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