Weekend Box Office: Feb. 3-5, 2012

  1. Chronicle (2012) – $22,000,000
  2. The Woman in Black – $21,000,000
  3. The Grey – $9,500,000
  4. Big Miracle – $8,500,000
  5. Underworld Awakening – $5,600,000
  6. One For The Money – $5,250,000
  7. Red Tails – $5,000,000
  8. The Descendants – $4,600,000
  9. Man on a Ledge – $4,500,000
  10. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close – $3,925,000

While another busy week has passed us by so has another busy box office weekend. It was neck to neck with Daniel Radcliffe‘s first performance outside of his Harry Potter role, The Woman in Black,  and director Josh Trank‘s found footage flick, Chronicle. However it was the later that squeaked into the lead. Granted these are studio estimates so it is still possible that it could flip flop. Regardless, they both did better than I expected at the box office this weekend. I really didn’t think it was going to be that close between the number one and two spot. I thought The Woman in Black was going to get around 17-18 million.

I personally haven’t seen Chronicle yet, however I still want to see it sometime soon. The trailers made it look pretty interesting. I’m glad to see that it is still currently holding pretty strong at 85% on RottenTomatoes. That shows promise. For some reason I really thought it was going to be in the low seventies by this point for some reason. You can check out Jeremy’s review here.

The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe did a lot better than I expected bringing in $21 million. I understand that it was his first film since Harry Potter and that is why people flocked to go see it. They wanted to see their beloved Harry Potter in a different film. Personally upon seeing the film I wasn’t very impressed with it but Radcliffe did an excellent job with what he was given. I felt like the script was strong at the beginning but towards the middle it started to get a lot weaker. Once it hit close to the end all hell broke loose. It seemed like everything was falling apart. Some things didn’t make sense and it all felt rushed. Jeremy’s review can be read here.

Taking a 51.7 percent drop from last week was Liam Neeson‘s The Grey bringing in $9.5 million. It truly is sad to see this film have such a drastic drop. Even though this film wasn’t exactly what I was expecting it was still such an awesome film. Of course if you watch the trailers you see that it was advertised as Neeson vs the wolves but in all reality it was so much more than that. It was the understanding of a survival story regardless of how it made you feel. There have been quite a few people who have bitched and moaned saying they disliked the film because of how sad and depressing it was. In reality, that is the hardship of a survival tale. It isn’t going to be all happy and giddy.

Once again, you can check out Jeremy’s thoughts of The Grey and see how he liked it here.

The real life story of three California blue wales whose lives were in danger because of the rapid progress of freezing ice was depicted in the film Big Miracle. Which is currently sitting in the fourth spot this weekend bringing in $8.5 million. Unfortunately, this opening of $8.5 million isn’t sitting very pretty considering the $40 million dollar production budget. Personally I have a soft spot for animal movies but I wasn’t able to catch this film. On the other hand our own Courtney was able to check it out. Check that review out here.

Rounding out our top five for this past weekend is the latest installment of the never ending series the Underworld Awakening. Dropping from the second spot last week to number five bringing in $5.6 doesn’t seem too bad until you look at that total production budget again which was $7o million. Of course the film will easily meet that budget in domestic numbers alone but I’m not quite sure how much farther it will go after that. I’ve been a fan of this series, why I can’t exactly tell you but I have been. Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to check this film out. You can read the review for Underworld Awakening here.

All of the remaining films took their respectable drops. Most of them by nearly 50% of the previous week. Haywire is no longer in the top 10 unfortunately. That only took three weeks to drop out. Which is really just a shame because I truly liked that film. The Descendants stays strong and holds onto the number eight spot. Glad to see George Clooney‘s film making a comeback towards Oscar time. Even though it is still sitting at number twelve, The Artist is still hanging in strong. Will we see a surge in numbers for it as we get closer to the Oscars?

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