We Know Who Benedict Cumberbatch Is Playing In Stark Trek Into Darkness

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding J.J. Abrams‘ upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness is who the hell Benedict Cumberbatch is playing.

He can be seen in the newest teaser trailers released, but no one has come out of the woodwork to confirm who he is. Most are pointing towards Khan, but nothing has been confirmed or denied…. until now!

Paramount has released the new image up above along with it a name. Cumberbatch is playing the role of John Harrison. Harrison is most-likely a cover-up name for the time being that will later reveal his true identity, when he’s good and ready.

I was never a Trekkie growing up, so I can’t comment on the character of Harrison and if he was in prior shows/movies. Anyone out there care to chime in?

Source : Bad Ass Digest

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