WB’s ‘Justice League’ In Need Of New Writers?


I’m honestly having a hard time believing that we’re actually going to see a Justice League film come out sometime over the next couple years. Even if Man of Steel does big business I’m questioning if WB has it in them to tie everything together for a superhero mash-up on the same scale as Marvel’s The Avengers. There’s just been too much trouble surrounding the film’s production, from the casting rumors and character appearances all the way down to the current Will Beall script.

Apparently WB has scrapped the Beall script and are now looking to do some more tweaks and fixes aka wait until Man of Steel opens and opens big.

This is all very displeasing news, because now we’ve got nothing to look forward to, aside from maybe a decent script after Man of Steel opens. They’re going to have to rush this thing into production, which is never a good sign. Maybe they should just can the idea altogether?

What say you?

Source : B.A.D.


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