WB Wants Christopher Nolan & Christian Bale Back For ‘Justice League’, Plus Zack Synder To Possibly Direct

Dark Knight Rises

And the rumor mills keep on turning and turning.

The latest Justice League rumors are now in and it looks like Warner Bros. wants The Dark Knight Rises director Christopher Nolan back and they also want him to bring his Batman star Christian Bale with him.

The scoop is stating that WB wants Nolan to act as a DC overseer, much like what Joss Whedon is doing for anything Marvel-related. Things get deeper when the report also mentions that WB wants Bale back as Batman in Justice League, which might confuse those that have seen the ending of The Dark Knight Rises.

There’s also strong talk about Zack Synder directing Justice League, since WB is apparently really happy with how Man of Steel is turning out.

I don’t like this one bit.

Nolan is a genius director and a producer, but he doesn’t need to get involved in a project that has been trouble from the get-go. From a business standpoint I can see why he’d take the gig, because now he has guaranteed funding for virtually any project he ever wants to do from here on out, not to mention the fat check he’ll be getting upfront for signing, but does he really need it?

No. He can find the funding he needs elsewhere. I doubt it would be hard to secure a budget when you have three successful Batman films under your belt, plus Inception and a few other low-key titles.

Bale shouldn’t return either, because that would completely lessen the impact of the character from The Dark Knight Rises. Unless they’re doing a prequel or out-of-timeline movie.

Synder directing is about the only thing I can approve of, because the man is a visionary and if Man of Steel is as good as they say it is I’d love to see some continuity in the look and feel of these upcoming Justice League ventures.

Do you want Bale or Nolan back? Should Synder direct Justice League?

Source : Latino Review

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