WB Still Not Sure About ‘Justice League’ Film


C’mon already! We’ve been talking about Justice League ever since Marvel dropped The Avengers on us and yet Warner Bros. have failed to actually confirm a Justice League movie… until Man of Steel comes out and actually makes them money.

It sounds like a dumb idea if you ask me, because people could turn away another Superman film and still be up for a Justice League film. Perhaps Synder’s film doesn’t click with all audiences because they’ve already seen the character’s origins story?

This whole thing sounds like WB being typical ass-hats that just can’t seem to get anything right in this whole DC vs. Marvel film showdown. Marvel will continue to win because they’ve shown that they’re not afraid to go all-in on some of their more risky productions. It’s mostly paid off, with a few of their films not making as much money as hoped, but still not coming off as complete bombs.

Perhaps WB is playing this one safe because of recent comic-book movies like Green Lantern or even to some extent Jonah Hex?

Watchmen wasn’t the cash-cow they were hoping for either. Just saying.

Expect to hear confirmation on a Justice League film sometime this summer.

Source : Variety

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