WB Is Planning ‘Man Of Steel’ Sequel

The WB/DC cinematic universe is an interesting one and one that can’t seem to catch a break. Man of Steel was considered a mediocre attempt at reviving Superman, while Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was considered both a critical and audience failure on all accounts, despite making a decent killing on its opening weekend.

Suicide Squad was supposed to be the change in tone that finally captured the attention of audiences and the jaded critics, yet even that film has failed to reassure us that they know what they’re doing.

That pretty much leaves us betting on Wonder Woman and Justice League, which are well on the way and probably almost done — if not done already, filming.

Which brings me to this next piece of news, which is saying that WB wants to go ahead and make a Man of Steel sequel, which would finally give us some more solo Superman time.

Early details are simply suggesting that it’s in the cards, but we don’t know if we should expect it before the eventual Batman solo film, which is being directed by Ben Affleck.

Also, will Zack Snyder return or will he most-likely be too busy with Justice League stuff or perhaps he’ll be too burned out from superhero films in general?

I just hope they get a team of writers that actually understand the character and perhaps a director that doesn’t hate all that Superman stands for.

Word is that this sequel will sort of act as a soft reboot of the character, which at this point means Henry Cavill will simply be trying something different as the world’s most powerful alien.

I’d really love to see where Superman stands after all of this back-and-forth between him and his own moral compass, not to mention his “death”.


Source : The Wrap


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