WB Moving Forward With ‘Green Lantern Corps’ Movie

Green Lantern was WB/DC’s first massive flop during the golden age of the rise of superhero flicks.

It caused them to remove Ryan Reynolds from any sort of sequel and it also caused them to put the character way on the back burner while they’ve started to boot up their “cinematic universe”.

But, it looks like we’re finally going to get another Green Lantern film, which will feature multiple lanterns and be titled Green Lantern Corps. The only huge bummer is that writer David S. Goyer is still attached to be involved, which means you can pretty much expect very little good to come from this.

I’d love it if Goyer proved me wrong or if WB actually delivered something completely solid from start-to-finish, but I’ve been slowly losing hope.

Will this be a Lethal Weapon in space type of film or will this simply be another disappointment?

Source : B.M.D.


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