WB Launches Oscar Campaign For Cloud Atlas, The Dark Knight Rises & More

It’s getting to be that time of year. Usually around the later months of the year big studios will start pumping their current Oscar contenders, while also reminding the audiences of films that have already been released earlier in the year, but are still worth consideration for an Oscar.

Warner Bros. had a good year at the cinema for sure, with a handful of worthy awards titles proving to be both critically and financially successful. Their campaign website lists the following movies for Oscar consideration:

The Dark Knight Rises


Cloud Atlas

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Magic Mike

That’s a rather expansive list if you ask me. They’re covering all of the genres with this list and I’m mostly content with it. I’m remaining hopeful that Magic Mike and Cloud Atlas makes the biggest splashes, but I can see Argo taking home most of the gold (if selected from the list) and I wouldn’t be too surprised if the Academy finally mentioned Christopher Nolan‘s Batman series with The Dark Knight Rises (outside of Heath Ledger‘s win for The Dark Knight).

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has just started screening, so I can’t really make predictions just yet, but if it follows in the footsteps of Peter Jackson‘s other films (like The Lord of the Rings trilogy) one could expect some attention.

Are there any WB-released films that you would have liked to see make the cut? Of the five listed, which would you like to win the most gold come awards season?

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