WB Confirms New Mortal Kombat Movie

It has been a decent stretch of time since that Mortal Kombat viral YouTube video aired. What followed was a web series, directed by Kevin Tancharoen. He brought the buzz to the YouTube video and WB must have saw some talent in him, because they quickly hired him to direct the web series.

Since then nothing has really happened in regards to a new Mortal Kombat film, until now.

CBM snatched this quote from WB executive Lance Sloan:

“The other thing that’s important to probably highlight is that we’re preparing right now for the featured film with the same kid. Kevin Tancharoen directed the digital series for us. Before that he did a renegade video that he put up on YouTube. And we sent the piracy people after him, to take it down and put him in jail. And cut to a couple months later he was directing the digital series for us. And now he is at the helm of a forty, fifty million dollar feature.”

So the film is coming and soon. It’ll also cost anywhere from $40 to $50 million, which isn’t too bad for a possible franchise starter. I sure hope they stick with the gritty R-rated roots of the series and not some watered down PG-13 garbage.


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