WB Already Working On A Sequel To ‘The LEGO Movie’


I’m a really shitty person. Why? The LEGO Movie is the single best movie of 2014 and I have yet to post a review for it. I know I know, just bare with me for a little while longer until I fix that situation.

Seriously, Phil Lord and Chris Miller have crafted another animated masterpiece that breaks down the barriers and becomes not just the best animated film of 2014, but the best film. It’s that good and it’s something that you should be racing out to see this very moment.

Now, we’ve learned that WB has a sequel in order, with writers setup and no directors confirmed just yet. I’m not sure if Lord and Miller are going to return just yet, seeing as how they skipped out on directing their Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs sequel, but they did sign onto 22 Jump Street.

I feel like the film won’t work nearly as well without them, which is why I’ll be waiting until the sequel actually comes out before I let out any excitement.

Source : The Wrap

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