Watch This Now: Johnny Depp In ‘Black Mass’ Trailer


Johnny Depp is known for putting on silly costumes and making funny faces in almost all of his roles. That’s not exactly a bad career, but one that people often laugh at, even though Depp is incredibly talented.

Sometimes, his performances go a little overboard and his talent is over-shadowed because of the makeup he wears of the crazy eye contacts he has on, but sometimes he completely commits himself to a character and the film ends up being endlessly better because of it.

I personally enjoy Depp when he tries to play things a little more straight-forward, like in Public Enemies or Blow. I do enjoy his crazy stuff, but when he gives good performances I find that he doesn’t need to wear a wig or jump up and down like an idiot.

His latest role is playing that of a well-known gangster in the upcoming film Black Mass and here he completely transforms himself into something creepy and unsettling and unlike anything else that he’s been doing recently.

I can’t wait.


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